Gluten Free Options at Oath Pizza!

June 22, 2017

This week, I wanted to do a quick review of Oath Pizza, which recently opened a location in my neighborhood, Davis Square. (At the time of this post, Oath Pizza has five locations in Massachusetts: Davis Square, Nantucket, South Station, Chestnut Hill Square, and Coolidge Corner).


Oath Pizza serves "craft pizza," which basically seems to mean unique, fun flavors made with high-quality ingredients. And good news: Oath Pizza has gluten free crust, and all of their toppings are gluten free! They do not cook the gluten free pizza in a separate oven, but they do use separate pans. I've eaten their pizza 3-4 times now and have never had a gluten reaction. 


So far, I've only tried two flavors. First up, the Walley, which has basil, pesto, mozzarella, baby spinach, diced tomatoes, feta, and roasted garlic. I love this combination of toppings - it's not too heavy but still has lots of flavor.



Second up, the Dougie, which comes with mozzarella, roasted potatoes, smoked bacon, ranch, bacon, ranch drizzle, and scallions. This one is quite a bit heavier than the Walley, but also delicious. I order this one when I'm feeling especially hungry. I've never had potato on a pizza before, and while the concept is a bit strange, I'm actually a fan! The other toppings keep it from being bland.



The only potential downside to Oath Pizza is that the pizzas are a bit less filling than others I've tried. Usually, when I get a pizza, I can only eat half of it, but with Oath Pizza, I can easily eat 2/3 or the entire pizza if I'm hungry. Oath Pizza lets you buy a half-pizza, which is a great option, but I'm not sure if it would be enough food for me! However, the fact that the crust is a bit lighter isn't necessarily a bad thing, because sometimes that's what I'm craving. Pizza is often a heavy, filling food, and I like that Oath Pizza is a lighter option. 


Overall, definitely would recommend!

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