Friday Free-From Favorites!

June 30, 2017

TGIF! Hannah and I have had a light blogging week due to busy work schedules and planning for upcoming trips, but I didn't want to miss Free-From Friday Favorites (my first one!). So here are a few of my free-from favorites from the last week:


1. What I'm buying

I'm a big fan of Toufayan's gluten free wraps. This week, I've been eating the Garden Vegetable variety. I've found a couple of good gluten free wraps over the years, but these are some of my favorites in terms of staying together and actually tasting good. They're a good size too! They've become a lunch staple for me lately.



2. What I'm Making

Honestly, Hannah is the cook, not me... This week, I've mostly been eating leftovers from our brother's graduation party last weekend.


3. What I'm Reading

Megan Stetzel (formerly of Forks & Footprints, now a blogger at Why Wait to See the World?) wrote a great blog post this week called The Challenges of Traveling with Food Allergies. While I firmly believe that it is totally possible to live a great life and fulfill dreams of traveling while having celiac disease, that doesn't mean that it's not really hard sometimes, and Megan's post does an amazing job of articulating how frustrating it can sometimes be to live with food restrictions. It really resonated with me - basically, every sentence made me nod and think, Yup, I know what that feels like. As a heads up: Megan is a great travel blogger who happens to have celiac disease and I've referred to her travel posts several times when looking for travel inspiration or advice.


4. Where I'm Eating

I've had several great meals in the last week, but the big highlight was gluten free gnocchi from Benevento's in Boston's North End. The North End, known for its great Italian restaurants, is surprisingly filled with gluten free pasta and pizza options, so no celiac has to go hungry! The menu on the Benevento's website doesn't seem to be updated, but when I was there I saw that they had added gluten free gnocchi as an option. It was a $5 upcharge but I have never seen gluten free gnocchi offered at a restaurant before, so well worth it in my book. I got Gnocchi Quattro Formaggio, which is basically gnocchi smothered in a bunch of cheese. And it was delicious, so good that I actually had that scary "is this really gluten free" moment. (Rest assured, when I ate it leftover a day or two later, I was very much convinced that it was gluten free...gluten free pasta rarely holds up leftover.)


5. What I'm Planning

I'm taking a quick trip to Philly this weekend, but most of my planning has been for a week-long trip to Martha's Vineyard the following week! Hannah and I have found Martha's Vineyard to be particularly challenging for gluten free eaters, so we're trying to do some prep ahead of time. And we'll be sure to write about our findings to help the next celiacs planning a MV vacation!


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