Nebo Restaurant: Gluten Free Paradise!

July 27, 2017

I’ve been meaning to write a restaurant review for Nebo since the end of June, when Dan (@guywithamap) and I went to celebrate my 23rd birthday. We’d been to Nebo before, but not for 2 years, so we were super excited to go back.

               I live in Harvard Square, so Nebo’s location is very convenient for me – it’s about a two minute walk from South Station, so it’s a straight shot on the red line. They have a really nice outside patio, but the evening we went was sticky and hot, so we opted for the inside seating area. The décor is dark and classy, and they have big windows overlooking the street and buildings. They sat us right by a wall of windows, which was perfect for people watching.

               Okay – now onto the food. If you haven’t checked out Nebo’s gluten free menu before, I highly recommend you take a look. Nebo has probably the largest appetizer selection of any gluten free friendly restaurant in Boston, and has a huge selection of pasta and pizza as well. The last time we went to Nebo, we ordered the calamari fritti appetizer and two pasta dishes, the Amatriciana and the Bolognese.



All of it was fabulous (especially the calamari!), but we wanted to try something new this time around since the menu is so extensive. We settled on the gluten free burrata appetizer and two pizzas – the gluten free fig and prosciutto pizza and the gluten free pizza con patate.  

               The burrata came out first, and it was out of this world. It comes with a pile of prosciutto, tomato jam, and crushed pistachios. The creamy burrata paired with the tomato jam was like nothing I’d ever tasted before – I could eat this every day of my life without getting sick of it! We polished it off in about 5 seconds flat, and our pizza came out quickly after.

                Both pizzas were amazing – Nebo’s gluten free pizza crust is really tasty, and the pizzas are a good size for one person. The fig and prosciutto pizza was amazing – the fig jam was among the best (if not the best) that I’ve ever had, and Dan shared the same sentiment.

 The pizza con patate was amazing as well – anything with potatoes and pancetta is a winner in my book. However, this pizza is VERY filling. I almost always finish my entire pizza when I order a personal-sized pizza, but the potatoes made the pizza a little too heavy. We ended up taking a lot of it home – I would recommend trying this pizza, but split it with somebody if you can!

                The atmosphere is great, the location is convenient, and the food is out of this world – but the best thing about Nebo is how celiac-safe they are. As soon as we mentioned that we were going to be ordering gluten free food because I have celiac disease, our waiter began explaining how seriously they take the preparation of gluten free food. Nebo has an entirely separate kitchen area to prevent cross-contamination, and is entirely aware of the severity of celiac disease. In fact, he said that when MGH diagnoses new patients with celiac, Nebo is the restaurant that they recommend that they visit! How awesome is that!? Overall, I cannot recommend highly enough that you visit Nebo if you are living in or visiting Boston. It’s a little pricey, but it’s absolutely worth it for the peace of mind you get eating somewhere that is so highly aware of celiac (and somewhere that serves one of the best gluten free pizzas around!).



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