Gluten Free Getaway: Galway, Ireland!

August 15, 2017

After two wonderful days in Dublin, we took off for Galway! We drove our rental car (our vacation package included a rental through Dan Dooley - which we ended up paying quite a bit extra for since we were both under 25). We fell in love with Galway as soon as we arrived - the walk along Galway Bay from our B&B, the music in the streets, the brightly colored buildings - it looked like the Ireland I had always pictured! We had two full days in Galway, one of which was spent exploring, shopping, and listening to live music. The second day was spent on a tour of the Cliffs of Moher, which included a stop in Doolin, Gleninsheen Tomb, and Dunguaire Castle. So how was Galway for gluten free? Well...


 Gluten Free Accommodation:


The Ross House B&B: The B&Bs available on the B&B network through Great Value Vacations were fairly limited in Galway – there was nothing right in the heart of Galway, so we picked one that was in Salthill. The Ross House mentioned on their website that they can cater to special diets, so we emailed them and asked if they could cater to celiac. They said yes, and they did a great job – the B&B is owned by a husband and wife, and while the husband did not seem like he understood celiac, the wife did. We had fairly simple breakfasts (gluten free toast, eggs, and bacon), but she was well-versed in cross-contamination and cooked our food separately from all of the other guests. A+! If you are gluten free in Galway, I would highly recommend.

Gluten Free Restaurants:

So you know when you go somewhere, and you find such a gluten free gem that you keep eating there over and over again? That happened to us in Galway… so hold your judgement 😉


Maxwell’s Bistro: We were really struggling to find good gluten free options in Galway. We had walked into a number of places that advertised gluten free options, only to find out that they were not careful with cross contamination or only offered salads. We walked into Maxwell’s Bistro based on a note on their outside menu that said mentioned a gluten free menu – as soon as the hostess showed it to us, we were sold! They have TONS of gluten free options, and as per the owner (who was our waiter), they take every precaution to prevent cross contamination. The gluten free menu isn't on their website, but rest assured, it does exist! We had an amazing butternut squash soup to start – they first brought it out to us in sample glasses, but as soon as we tried it, we knew we needed a whole bowl!

  For our entrees, we had gluten free macaroni and cheese (mine was smoked salmon and dill, and Dan’s was chorizo). I love macaroni and cheese, and eat my fair share of it – and this was among the best I’ve ever had. It’s more like pasta than macaroni and cheese, but the flavors were out of this world.


 For dessert, we split a dark and white chocolate mousse. The meal was so amazing that after throwing around a couple of other ideas, we returned here for our second night in Galway (and ordered the exact same meal…) HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

 And… sorry to say… that’s all I have for Galway! I’m sorry! I will return to Galway someday and try more places… if I can turn down Maxwell’s for any meal! I will say that we were very, very close to eating at McSwiggan’s, which has MANY gluten free options marked on their menu, but it was quite a bit more expensive than Maxwell’s (and didn’t have smoked salmon macaroni 😉). If you’re wondering what we did for gluten free lunch in Galway, we didn’t actually have any lunches there – on our first day, we were in the car driving from Dublin to Galway (feasting on shamrock potato chips), and on our second day, we packed gluten free protein bars for our day-long trip to the Cliffs of Moher. Tomorrow, I’ll give you a guide to Dingle – we sampled a bit more gluten free cuisine there 😊

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