Friday Free-From Favorites!

August 11, 2017

Another week in the books! This week has been one of those weeks where it just feels like I’m going, going, going – busy days at work, plans in the evenings, and lots of stuff I don’t want to do (without nearly enough time for the things I do want!). I almost can’t believe we’ve made it to Friday again – I’m ready for a weekend of binge watching This is Us (who else is obsessed?), lying around in my pajamas, and eating more than my fair share of gluten free goodies! Here are my gluten free favorites for this past week…


What I’m Buying

This week, I had a bagel craving that could just not be ignored! I had The Greater Knead Bagels on the mind (still kicking myself for not stocking up at the Expo), so I set out to find them at a store near me – and had no luck whatsoever! So while I intended to buy The Greater Knead, I ended up buying Udi’s Everything Bagels… and let me tell you, after trying The Greater Knead Bagels, these just did not taste anything like I expected. Untoasted, they were very dry and to be honest, not something I’d really ever eat. Toasted, they were okay – they tasted more like toast than a bagel, but I smothered them in whipped cream cheese and ate them with smoked salmon, so that bumped it from “okay” to “this is pretty good”.


What I’m Making


 I don’t know if any of you share this same sentiment, but for me, the finale of The Bachelorette is the second biggest television event of the year (second only to The Bachelor). For Julia’s benefit, I will note that she does not feel the same way and will probably be annoyed that I published my opinion on the Bachelor franchise on the blog… but I don’t care 😉 I can’t get enough of the drama and the mindless fun – it makes a Monday night ten times better (a hundred times better on finale night). Dan (@guywithamap) and I always have rosé and popcorn for the finale. Our go-to type of popcorn is plain popcorn topped with melted smart balance, freshly grated parmesan, and dried parsley (you need to try it – it’s really good), but we were craving something sweet on Monday, so we decided to try to make a make-shift kettle corn. We ran out of self-pop kernels, so popped some Orville Redenbacher Simply Salted microwave popcorn, put it in a big bowl, and shook it up with a bunch of powdered sugar. We then poured a packaged of M&Ms in it and shook it up again. I know this isn’t really a recipe, and a lot of you have probably tried this before, but I was SO surprised how delicious it was. I’ll probably never make popcorn again without covering it in powdered sugar. Gluten free and delicious!


What I’m Reading

If you haven’t checked out Gluten Free Mollie D’s blog, you should! She’s another Boston-area gluten free blogger and instagrammer, and she posts the most amazing recipes and restaurant reviews. This week, she posted a review of Il Casale Cucina Campana and Bar in Lexington, MA (complete with a bunch of great photos) that had my mouth watering and my stomach desperate for good gluten free pasta!


Where I’m Eating

 I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to get over to the Boston Public Market, but almost a year later, I finally made it! I’ve been wanting to try Jennifer Lee’s Gourmet Bakery (completely gluten free and free of all major allergens!) for a long time, and I tried it at last on Saturday morning! The selection was not huge, but we got a gluten free blueberry crumble donut, a gluten free chocolate donut, and a gluten free s’mores cookie. The donuts were a little different than I expected, but I assume it’s because they are free of all allergens – which is absolutely amazing for those who suffer from additional allergies aside from gluten. The s’mores cookie, however, was exactly as I expected and 100% delicious! I mean, it was a giant chocolate chip cookie filled with marshmallow – right up my alley 😉


What I’m Planning

More details to come, but Dan and I booked a pair of transatlantic flights this week! More details on this to come as we move a little deeper into the planning phase, but is there any bigger high than hitting “purchase” on a pair of plane tickets (aside from the low of knowing you had to pay for it… ha!)!?  

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