More Gluten Free Martha's Vineyard: The Complete List!

August 10, 2017

As promised in this post, Hannah and I have researched gluten free options on Martha's Vineyard and prepared a complete list of all the restaurants on the island that can cater to the gluten free diet! We hope that it will be useful to anyone planning a trip to the island, as we know from experience that finding gluten free options on Martha's Vineyard can be a little tricky.


Please note that we have not visited the majority of these options and cannot vouch for the taste or safety at most of these establishments! I've used an asterisk (*) to indicate places where we ate during our most recent stay.


If you know of any options that we missed, or if you have comments on whether one of the restaurants listed below did a particularly good or bad job preparing gluten free food, please don't hesitate to let us know! We do plan to edit this list over time as we become aware of more gluten free options on Martha's Vineyard.


In the meantime, enjoy!


Oak Bluffs

Beetlebung - A number of gluten free options marked on the menu

Down Island - Menu says they are able to accommodate any food preference

Jimmy Seas Pan Pasta - Gluten free pasta is available, but when we reached out to ask if any sauces were GF, they had no idea, which was discouraging

Lobsterville - Menu says gluten free buns are available

Lookout Tavern - Menu says gluten free hamburger buns are available

Martha’s Vineyard Chowder Company* - Gluten free chowder

Offshore Ale Co. - Gluten free buns and pizza crust are available

Park Corner Bistro* - Extensive gluten free options indicated on menu (menu changes frequently so generally not available online)

The Sand Bar - A few gluten free options (including clam chowder) are indicated on the menu; gluten free buns available

Slice of Life - Clam chowder is marked gluten free; egg scrambles available for breakfast


Vineyard Haven/Tisbury

The Black Dog Tavern - Gluten free options are marked on the menu, but not consistently

Fella’s on Union - Menu mentions gluten free bread

La Choza - Serves “untraditional burritos” (basically burrito bowl with GF tortilla chips)

Little House Cafe - Gluten free options are marked on lunch and dinner menus; breakfast menu says to ask about GF options

Nat’s Nook* - Gluten free crepes

Not Your Sugar Mama’s* - Gluten free and vegan organic cafe

Porto Pizza - Gluten free pizza is available; however, when we reached out to them on Facebook, they say there is likely a “speck of flour” in everything as they are a flour-based kitchen

Rocco’s Pizza* - Gluten free crust available

Wolf’s Den - Gluten free pizza crust and gluten free grinder rolls are available



Behind the Bookstore Cafe - Griddle cakes (breakfast) are naturally gluten free

Chesca’s - Gluten free pasta and ravioli available (Hannah has been here before and waiter was able to walk her through all the gluten free options)



Edgartown Pizza - Gluten free pizza available

Espresso Love - Gluten free bread available

Isola - Gluten free pasta, pizza, and sandwich rolls available

Lucky Hank’s - “Gluten friendly” options available (not sure what that means)

The Seafood Shanty - Limited gluten free options are marked on the menu


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