Friday Free-From Favorites!

September 1, 2017

Happy Friday, everyone! It's felt like a particularly long week for some reason, and I absolutely can't wait for the (long!) weekend to begin. Hannah and I are going to help our younger brother move into college this weekend, which will be exciting but bittersweet. I'm also hoping to indulge in some much-needed relaxation and some good gluten free food. And now let's get to some of my favorites from this week!


What I'm Buying

Kerrey (@k_rrey) and I love Something Sweet Without Wheat, a totally gluten free bakery. Sadly, their location in Arlington, which wasn't far from us, recently closed. They do still have a physical location in Woburn, and you can also order their yummy gluten free baked goods online. Luckily for us, we can also still get a limited assortment of goodies at Anthony's East Side Deli in Arlington (which also serves absolutely divine gluten free subs that I'll have to talk about in another post). Anthony's often stocks gluten free cinnamon rolls and cupcakes from SSWW, which we pick up from time to time. This week, we got some delicious gluten free carrot cake cupcakes, which were a perfect indulgence to help get us through the week.



What I'm Making

As I have said many times, I'm no master chef, but I do like some easy homemade comfort food. After a difficult day, the awesome Kerrey whipped me up a fantastic gluten free grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. He made the sandwich using Canyon Bakehouse bread, and it turned out fantastic! It tasted absolutely amazing dipped in tomato soup...




What I'm Reading

Another awesome gluten free blogger, For Gluten Sake, recently posted that she is moving to South Korea. I really enjoy traveling (and generally have not had too much trouble traveling gluten free), but the idea of actually moving to another country is still pretty crazy to me! I think it's awesome to see others who don't let their dietary restrictions get in the way of their dreams, and I also love reading blog posts that give me inspiration for my own travels, so you can bet that I'll be looking forward to more posts about how to live gluten free in South Korea.


Where I'm Eating

Last weekend I enjoyed a very nice breakfast from The Oat Shop, which is a gourmet oatmeal shop in Davis Square. It's only open for breakfast and lunch, and yes, they do have certified gluten free oats for a small upcharge. They don't have a separate prep area so there is some risk of cross contamination, but I've been okay the two times that I've eaten there. And I love the concept of an oatmeal shop! This time, I got the Sriracha Fried Egg bowl and added bacon. Then, after picking up some of my favorite coffee, I headed home to enjoy a relaxing morning on my porch!




What I'm Planning

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm planning trips to Austin and possibly Arizona, as well as a trip to Dublin in the fall. But for the next few weeks, I'll be enjoying some relaxing time at home!


And there you have it - have a great weekend, everyone!

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