730 Tavern: A New Gluten Free Option in Central Square!

September 29, 2017

A few weeks ago, I was super bummed to learn that Tavern in the Square closed both of its Cambridge locations. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, Tavern in the Square is a local chain with a ton of gluten free food, including burgers, pizzas, and other entrees. It has a gluten free fryer and served hard-to-find gluten free bar food like tater tots, sweet potato fries, and fish and chips. There are still several remaining locations, which I highly recommend, but I was really sad to discover that the two locations easily accessible from my apartment had disappeared.


Then I did some digging and discovered that the Tavern in the Square in Cambridge's Central Square had been quickly replaced by a new sports bar called 730 Tavern, which had a very similar array of gluten free options! Although 730 Tavern does not have gluten free pizza, they have lots of gluten free fried deliciousness, plus a few things that Tavern in the Square didn't have, like gluten free crab cakes and tacos.


Naturally, Kerrey (@k_rrey) and I needed to go ASAP and try it out! And we were not disappointed. 730 Tavern is a worthy replacement for Tavern in the Square. After a long day, we couldn't resist trying some of the gluten free appetizers, the fried pickles and the crab cakes. Both came with generous serving sizes (so many pickles!) and were very good. The crab cakes were a little mushier than I was expecting - I don't know if they contained any breading - but the flavor was great, and I haven't seen gluten free crab cakes anywhere else so this was a fun treat. The pickles were fried to perfection; there were so many that we couldn't finish them!




For dinner, Kerrey got a gluten free Gaucho Burger (cheddar, pork belly, and a sunny-side-up egg), while I went with a gluten free Patriots Gobbler (spiced turkey patty, cheddar, and apple slices). Each came with a gluten free bun and our choice of side -- Kerrey got regular fries and I picked sweet potato fries. The burgers were great, and the fries were even better. After our appetizers, we were too full to finish everything and had to take some home!




Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our meal and will definitely be back. We saw that they have some good gluten free brunch options, so that will likely be next on our list to try! The great gluten free options at 730 Tavern definitely helped me feel better about the loss of Tavern in the Square. A great spot for lunch or dinner, and I imagine that it would also be an awesome place to go if you're a gluten free sports fan looking for somewhere to watch the game!



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