Gluten Free Getaway: White Mountains, New Hampshire!

January 23, 2018

The holidays are over, warm weather still seems like it’s lightyears away, and everything just seems kind of… gray. Yes, we are in that gloomy period of January through March, and if you ask me, that means it’s time for a weekend getaway to break things up! While it would be nice to escape to somewhere warm and sunny (sunshine!? What’s that!?), there’s something really nice about a cold weather trip, too – fireplaces, comfort food, lots of reading and hot coffee. If you’re from the Boston area or anywhere in the Northeast, I’d recommend a gluten free getaway to North Conway, New Hampshire (or the White Mountains in general!). It’s an easy drive, fairly priced, and super scenic – and you won’t go wanting for yummy gluten free food!

Gluten Free Accommodations in the White Mountains


Riverside Inn


 While there are tons of great lodging options in the White Mountains, if you’re looking for something really special for gluten free travelers, you should check out the Riverside Inn. The kitchen at the inn is fully gluten free, and they serve a full breakfast each morning in their lovely and bright breakfast room. They have everything from amazing homemade gluten free bread and waffles to sausages and vegetables from their garden. The food was unbelievably delicious, and since they don’t serve anything with gluten, it was celiac-safe as well! The inn itself was very cute and comfy, and very conveniently located in the village of Intervale right near North Conway.

Gluten Free Dining + Shopping


The Local Grocer

 If you’re staying in the White Mountains, the Local Grocer should be your one-stop-shop for gluten free groceries or lunch. Not only do they have a huge array of gluten free food (pastas, cookies, etc.), they also have a café that serves gluten free sandwiches and pre-wrapped baked goods. They were very allergy-aware, and took cares to prevent cross-contamination when grilling the sandwiches. Highly recommend for a quick bite to eat or a stop to grab snacks for a day on the slopes!


Tuckerman’s Restaurant and Tavern

 Tuckerman’s Tavern is right around the corner from the Riverside Inn in Intervale, so we stopped here for dinner on the first night. They have a separate gluten free menu, complete with a bunch of appetizers, soups, and entrees. We ordered the gluten free spinach and artichoke dip (I can never not order the Spinach and Artichoke dip if I see it on a menu!), the gluten free Savannah chicken, and the gluten free Shaker Cranberry Pot Roast. While the servings seemed a tiny bit small (or maybe we were just starving?), everything was absolutely delicious and I had no celiac reaction to anything I ate.


Vito Marcello’s


 This is one of my favorite restaurant meals of all time! We were struggling to find somewhere in downtown North Conway to safely eat gluten free, and Vito Marcello’s popped up on my Find Me Gluten Free app. They noted on their menu that they had “gluten sensitive” options, which I normally stay away from (I assume that they don’t feel comfortable catering to those with Celiac). However, since we couldn’t find any other options, we decided to give it a shot and try our hardest to communicate the need for no cross contamination. When we got there, we were blown away by the service! Our waiter assured us that they are well-versed in Celiac disease and take absolutely every precaution to prevent cross contamination. Not only did they offer amazing gluten free pasta imported from Italy (seriously, guys, this was on par if not better than the pasta I actually had in Italy), but they also offered warm and airy gluten free rolls and gluten free chocolate cake for dessert! If you are in the White Mountain area, anywhere near North Conway, I highly recommend giving this place a try!

We didn’t try, but you should…

Wicked Fresh Craft Burgers

This place wasn’t open when we were visiting, but I sure wish it was! Based on the online reviews, the owner of this restaurant is gluten free and the restaurant is very Celiac safe. They offer gluten free burgers on gluten free buns and they also offer gluten free truffle fries. Yes, you read that right. I don’t know about you, but I’m now planning another trip to the White Mountains just so I can help myself to gluten free truffle fries, pronto!


Flatbread Company

If you’re looking for a safe bet, there is also a flatbread company in North Conway. I’m a huge fan of their gluten free pizza crust, and I’ve never had an issue with cross contamination. Pizza is always a people-pleaser, and I’ve always found Flatbread Company to be a safe and always-delicious choice!


Taste of Thai

Anywhere I go, I seek out Thai food. I really do mean anywhere – Germany, camping in Maine, you name it! We tried to go to Taste of Thai on our visit, but they weren’t open at the time we were looking to go. Based on the reviews that I found online, Taste of Thai is Celiac safe and offers delicious, authentic Thai food. The menu is marked with gluten free options and is right in downtown North Conway. Cold winter night? Nothing sounds better than Thai food to me 😊

That’s all for the White Mountains! I’m sure there are tons of other options, but hopefully this lists gives you a starting point for a gluten free getaway to the White Mountains. I might see you there – writing this post has made me hungry for some gluten free New Hampshire treats!

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